My first trip to Manali, the best hill station in the lap of Himalayas

In the Summer of 2014, four friends set on a trip to the Himalayas with an intention to explore Manali. We started from Chandigarh to reach Manali early morning. That was my first only friends trip and has given me some amazing memories. After having a dinner at one of the local dhaba (restaurant) I slept and woke up to the most beautiful thing I have seen in my entire life.

The sky was orange and I witnessed the sun rising through the huge green hills cover atop with ice. This scene is still stuck in my mind and since that day I have never stopped traveling to distant locations to witness similar breathtaking views. Some of my best moments from this trip.


A view of the river Beas, which rises in the Himalayas in central Himachal Pradesh.

View from the Bus stop
Witnessing nature while walking to the hotel
Visiting the famous pilgrimage, Hidimba temple
Handcrafted handlooms at local shopping market
Buying locally produced best quality saffron
Beautiful handcraft at a local shop


A closeup of Jogini Waterfall


When I loved the cool breeze at Jogini Waterfall

We stayed in the Hotel Valley View, Manali and booked in through You can book it here.


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