Spending a sunny day on Sandymount Strand

Sandymount Strand is one of Dublin’s most unique beaches, and is accessible within 15 minutes of Dublin city centre by train. Running adjacent to the village of the same name, the broad, tidal mud-and-sand flats of Sandymount are a popular choice for walking Dubliners. When the tide recedes, the beach extends for 1.5 kilometres from the foreshore, but the tide’s quick return leaves a short window of opportunity to enjoy the beach at its largest and most interesting. Sandymount Strand also offers an excellent view of Dublin Bay along the south harbour. Locals typically enjoy activities such as kite-flying, beach football and dog-walking on the strand.

Sandymount Beach, Dublin
Alongside Sandymount Beach
Dog playing at Sandymount Beach
Birds at Sandymount Beach

Poolbeg Towers

Among the most interesting features on the harbour vista are the giant, twin, candy-striped smokestacks of the old Poolbeg power station, now disused, but still Dublin’s only major skyline features.

Poolbeg Towers at Sandymount Strand
Sandymount Strand

Getting There

Sandymount Strand is a few blocks west of the Sydney Parade DART (local train) station, south of the city centre. It can also be accessed by Sandymount DART station. Click here to find the way to visit Sandymount.


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